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Greg Pokriki

These days it feels hard to keep up on all the Buffalo Niagara accolades being announced. It seems every single day we’re being named in the top five for something. That’s a testament to just how strong the Buffalo Niagara renaissance is.

Just recently Buffalo received five different accolades from Travel + Leisure alone. We use Pitch Buffalo Niagara as your go-to place for a list of local accolades, but with these all coming in so quickly, we figured the wave of attention deserved a blog all of its own.

Here is what Travel + Leisure awarded Buffalo and why we think it’s well-deserved.

America’s #1 most friendly city

Buffalo won America’s most friendly city. We destroyed the competition. Other cities weren’t even close.

…JOKING! Of course that is a joke. I would never be that mean because in Buffalo Niagara, we’re friendly.

One time when I was kayaking down at Canalside, I took the scenic route past Riverworks. The folks having a drink on the dock waved as I passed, and one of them even offered to lob a can of beer into my kayak for the rest of my trip. That doesn’t happen in other cities. Whether it’s directions, a friendly smile on the street, or a beer to go on the water, Buffalo is definitely a friendly city.

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2nd most underrated city

Buffalo is a bit underrated. But I think it is part of our charm. We are enduring and reinventing. This city has always enjoyed somewhat of the underdog role—I think we thrive in it. And honestly, with all of these accolades and national attention coming in, we won’t stay underrated for long.

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3rd favorite city

Last year, Travel + Leisure named Buffalo its favorite city, so we’re no stranger to the top of this list, either. People love Buffalo Niagara. It is a fun place to live, work, and play. It is cost effective, comfortable, and charming. There is world-class architecture, a Natural Wonder of the World, fun places to hang out, and a vibrant, friendly community.

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3rd favorite ski trip city

The weather in Buffalo Niagara gets a bad rap, but it really is quite wonderful here. When the snow does come down, Buffalonians do what we always do—have fun. Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or ice skating are staples of the Buffalo Niagara winter. Honestly, when you’re out on the hill, you’ll find yourself sweating more often than shivering.

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3rd favorite food city

Buffalo Niagara’s food is well-regarded as some of the best in the world. Of course, there’s the chicken wing (If you’re in Buffalo, you don’t call it the ‘Buffalo wing’), but there is also so much more to offer. A beef on weck, sponge candy, or any of our new restaurants are to die for. Buffalo is undoubtedly a foodie favorite.

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