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Matthew Hubacher

As Thanksgiving approaches in Western New York the temperatures drop outside, but the warm feeling of celebrating with loved ones can tame even the coldest breeze off Lake Erie. There are many things for which to be thankful this holiday season: family, friends, community, Buffalo Niagara’s local economic resurgence, and Jack Eichel are tops on this author’s list.

Visitors to Buffalo Niagara – whether they be expats returning home or first-timers making their maiden trip – can also be thankful for the relative ease and cost-effectiveness in arriving in Buffalo Niagara. Nearly 5 million passengers traverse the Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BNIA) annually and those travelers enjoy air fares that are among the lowest in the nation. At $190.80, the average market round-trip fare in Buffalo ranks 10th least expensive of the nation’s largest 70 metro areas according to the US Department of Transportation’s Domestic Airline Consumer Airfare Report.

Plus, the relative ease of getting around the region is apparent (and appreciated). The “20-Minute City” moniker is no joke as commuters spend a mere 21.3 minutes during the average journey to work. Once visitors touch down at BNIA, it does not take them very long to get to their true final destination; chances are it won’t take much longer than the 1st Intermission.

Thanks in part to inexpensive air fares and quick commutes, visitors to Buffalo Niagara are able spend quality time with friends and family during Thanksgiving, as opposed to staying at home or being stuck in traffic, something for which to truly be thankful.

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