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Education in economic development

Many college students are headed back to their campuses this week, hauling mini fridges and extra-long mattress pads into dorm rooms for the semester.

Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 31, 2017

Marshmallows & workforce development

Melissa Calandra has been teaching at John Kennedy Intermediate School in Batavia for 19 years in both second and fourth-grade. Some of the children she taught are likely in upper management roles at banks today. Some of them are probably chefs in a restaurant. Some on an assembly line. Some farmers. Some might even be teachers themselves. And, unfortunately, some of them are almost certainly out of work.

Greg Pokriki   |     Jun 02, 2017

Workforce Data: How Important is this for Business Attraction?

A region’s ability to demonstrate the availability of talented workers has become increasingly essential to all economic development activities. The availability of current and local labor data is critical when answering labor-related questions when courting prospective companies considering relocation to a community. In fact, Area Development 2015-2016 Corporate Survey illustrates the importance corporations place on labor when making location decisions. The availability of skilled labor, is considered “very important” or “important” by 100 percent of the respondents this year.

Graham Smith   |     Aug 10, 2016

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