Recreating Possibilities: The rebirth of manufacturing

For several reasons—from rising wages in emerging countries, to a growing appetite for US-made goods, to recognition of the abundant resources in our own backyard—the manufacturing industry is poised for revival, and helped along by investments from the private and public sectors. Areas like Western New York have abundant resources and tools to get in on this promising momentum as well.

Alan Rosenhoch   |     Feb 14, 2017

Helping Your Canadian Business Head South, Part 2

In our last post, we covered some of the initial questions and considerations Canadian businesses should keep in mind when considering a move to the US.

Carolyn Powell   |     Feb 10, 2017

Buffalo Niagara's Real Estate Market: The Big Picture

Last Thursday evening the CBRE|Buffalo team released its 2016 Buffalo MarketView reports to a jam-packed crowd of real estate professionals, economic developers and municipal officials from across Western New York at One Seneca Tower.

Matthew Hubacher   |     Feb 01, 2017

Helping Your Canadian Business Head South, Part 1

In my time with Invest Buffalo Niagara, I’ve had a chance to help 32+ Canadian companies make their way to this side of the border. Along with being part of helping the Buffalo Niagara region boom—to the tune of $706 million in investments and more than 1,600 jobs—I’ve also seen the pitfalls that Canadian business owners need to look out for. For the first in this two-part series, we’ll focus on the beginnings of due diligence: the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re looking to enter the US market.  

Carolyn Powell   |     Jan 19, 2017

Making Business Expansion a Little Less Taxing

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: yes, there are legal and tax obligations when Canadians do business in US markets. At Invest Buffalo Niagara, we help companies navigate these requirements—and often, they’re pleasantly surprised at their being less daunting than expected. Here’s a high-level idea of what companies should be aware of when choosing to do business in the market.

Carolyn Powell   |     Jan 12, 2017

Business Life in the Fast(er) Lane

Maybe you’re taking a meeting with a prospect. Or making your way to an initial face-to-face with an investor. Or doing a site visit with a new supplier. No matter what you’re traveling for, cross-border business moves faster than ever—and waiting in bumper-to-bumper lines at the Canada-US border isn’t the best use of your limited time.  Enter the NEXUS program, designed to move low-risk, pre-approved travelers across the border quickly. Here’s a quick primer on all your NEXUS need-to-knows.

Carolyn Powell   |     Jan 09, 2017

A Retrospective on Resurgence

10 years. 74 projects. $2.3 billion in investment. One thriving downtown that has residents and visitors alike awed by the transformation of “The New Buffalo.”

Matthew Hubacher   |     Dec 20, 2016

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