There's plenty to do in Chautauqua County

On the New York and Pennsylvania border and with access to two lakes stands the beautiful Chautauqua County. Though the views are endless and the wine bottomless, the prioritized economic development goal of Chautauqua County still may surprise you.

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 28, 2017

Genesee County: Five economic development professionals walk into a bar

Five economic development professionals walk into a bar.

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 27, 2017

Milking Wyoming County for all it's worth

From 18 cows in 1981 to over 700 today in 2017. That’s the story of Gary and Betty Burley, the quaint and modest couple with five adult children in Wyoming County, four of whom are actively involved in the farm and one of which serves in our armed forces. That’s the story of the East Hill Creamery in Wyoming County.

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 26, 2017

Bell Ringer

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 20, 2017

Buffalo Ranks #7 Best City for Millennials

Despite popular opinion, millennials are growing up. And though they may still let their man buns down as they take their French bulldog named Henry for a walk, they are also starting to settle down and search for homes.  

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 11, 2017

Canadian Business Expansions - Where are They Now?

Invest Buffalo Niagara has attracted more than $6.2 billion in new business investment to the Buffalo Niagara region since 1999. Canadian companies looking to expand their businesses into the U.S. have been a big part of this growth. They choose to expand for many business benefits including made in U.S. sales, mitigating bridge delays, and improving raw supply. 85 Canadian based businesses have benefited from our free services, saving time and money by leveraging our expertise.

Carolyn Powell   |     Apr 06, 2017

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