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Favorite shopping boutique in Buffalo Niagara?

If you are like our team, you’re probably finishing up holiday shopping (Or, like some of us, just starting. Whoops). Below is a list of some of our favorite spots in Buffalo Niagara. Many of these places produce handmade, gift-able items for every Buffalover here and beyond. Enjoy and don’t forget to tell us your favorite!  

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Greg Pokriki   |     Dec 15, 2017

Best chicken wings in Buffalo?

The past week in our office has been quite heated. Below you’ll find out why.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Dec 08, 2017

POD: Karl Kolbe, on beer in Buffalo

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Greg Pokriki   |     Dec 06, 2017

Favorite Buffalo Niagara staycation?

Buffalo Niagara is so great, sometimes it makes you not even want to leave. So, when our team does stay in for a "staycation", or take a "daycation" in the region, where do they end up? 

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Greg Pokriki   |     Dec 01, 2017

4 initiatives dedicated to advanced manufacturing

New York State recognizes the successes advanced manufacturing has brought the Buffalo Niagara region. The industry has great history in this region and has helped to shape the character of its people. They’re committed to sustaining that success and have dedicated expansive resources to bolster that sector of our economy. Several initiatives have spun out of the state’s historic and visionary Buffalo Billion:

Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 30, 2017

Favorite Buffalo Niagara eatery?

Thanksgiving is a foodie's holiday and Buffalo Niagara is a foodie's region! Now that the turkey has been eaten and your kitchen has been cleaned, it's time to avoid the hastle and go out to dinner tonight.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 24, 2017

POD: Brandye Merriweather

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Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 22, 2017

Favorite place to take out-of-towners in Buffalo Niagara?

For the next few weeks leading up and through the holidays, our Invest Buffalo Niagara team will be giving you the scoop on the best of Buffalo Niagara. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, you might be expecting out-of-town company.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 17, 2017

3 numbers to make food processors want to know more

In Buffalo Niagara, we’re known for our food. National Geographic even named us the third best food city in the entire world. While the chicken wings and beef on weck are quite delicious, we are also well known for our strengths in the larger food processing industry. Here is a dive into some data points that we think make the business case for expansion quite compelling.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 16, 2017

POD: Carolyn Powell

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Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 08, 2017

Business life in the faster lane

We’ve all been there. You’re at the top of the bridge’s hill, looking down at the lanes of border patrol traffic deliberating which would be the fastest.

Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 03, 2017

4 things you didn’t know were made in Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo Niagara is known by many for our legacy industry and advanced manufacturing prowess. However, it is much less known that some of these household names are made right here in Western New York. Maybe you even had one of them for breakfast.

Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 02, 2017

5 things Travel + Leisure loves about Buffalo Niagara

These days it feels hard to keep up on all the Buffalo Niagara accolades being announced. It seems every single day we’re being named in the top five for something. That’s a testament to just how strong the Buffalo Niagara renaissance is.

Greg Pokriki   |     Oct 27, 2017

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