InBN dictionary: Property tax abatement

Property tax abatement: a reduction or exemption on property taxes from the government for a company.  Often used for in exchange of new, expansion, or rehab construction.

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Carolyn Powell   |     Sep 18, 2017

Water propels Buffalo Niagara forward

In 1825, the construction of the Erie Canal turned the Buffalo Niagara region from isolated frontier land to hub of activity. While that specific use no longer supports Buffalo Niagara’s clout, water in general still propels the region forward each day. 

Greg Pokriki   |     Sep 15, 2017

POD: Keith Hayes

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Greg Pokriki   |     Sep 13, 2017

Education in economic development

Many college students are headed back to their campuses this week, hauling mini fridges and extra-long mattress pads into dorm rooms for the semester.

Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 31, 2017

POD: Ben Rand

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Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 30, 2017

Commercial real estate connections

Know any commercial real estate professionals? We do. Just a few though. Oh, only a little over 300 of them.

Among the many benefits Invest Buffalo Niagara provides to the companies with whom we work is the ability to tap our vast network of local professional service providers, perhaps best evidenced when conducting a commercial real estate search.

The availability of suitable buildings/sites is one of the most important site location decision factors for companies considering an investment in our region.  Invest Buffalo Niagara identifies, collects, and transmits commercial real estate data to our prospects by communicating with over 300 commercial realtors, real estate developers, building owners, and economic developers. 

The process begins when the prospect provides information on the specific real estate specifications that are necessary for the business’s operation.  An email, commonly called a “Site Broadcast,” is created and transmitted to our extensive network of commercial real estate professionals for consideration.  Responses are received, organized, and transmitted to the prospect for review and Invest Buffalo Niagara staff communicates with those who submitted sites throughout the project lifecycle.

Additionally, those wishing to conduct a general search of available commercial real estate in the region can do so through Western New York ZoomProspector.  The comprehensive database also provides demographic data through detailed community profiles, as well as local business search functionality.

Invest Buffalo Niagara is proud to have such a strong relationship with commercial real estate professionals across the eight counties of Western New York.  Bill Heussler, president of the WNY Chapter of the New York State Commercial Association of Realtors (NYSCAR), was recently elected to serve on Invest Buffalo Niagara’s board of directors and InBN’s research manager Matthew Hubacher (yours truly) serves as our liaison to WNY NYSCAR’s board. 

The close working relationships Invest Buffalo Niagara staff enjoys with commercial real estate professionals across the region is of great benefit not only to us, but to the numerous business attraction opportunities we assist in expanding their operations in Western New York.

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Matthew Hubacher   |     Aug 28, 2017

Biking in Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo Niagara residents know how to enjoy the good weather. If there’s a patio to sit on, we’re there with a beer. If there’s an outdoor movie to watch, we’re there with a chair. And if there’s a smooth, freshly paved piece of pavement, we’re there with our bike, ready to coast along in the breeze.

Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 25, 2017

Economic development over eggs

Today, Invest Buffalo Niagara’s president and CEO sat on the Power Breakfast: Economic Development panel hosted by Buffalo Business First.

Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 24, 2017

InBN dictionary: Tradable sector

Tradable sector -- Or traded sector. A term that labels industries, or sectors of an industry, that can sell their goods or services in an international marketplace.  The most commonly used example of a tradable sector is manufacturing, whose inputs and outputs, can span the globe. 

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Lorrie Abounader   |     Aug 21, 2017

Mansion turned office. Startup turned success

Through the landscaping and past the stone fountain stands a sign on the property of the Butler Mansion. It reads like your typical sign—arrows to designate direction and words to describe location. But reach your hand out to brush back the intentionally overgrown bush at the foot of the sign. What you’ll reveal might surprise you. The last bullet on the sign, a calculated Easter egg for the curious or mistakenly confused, reads “Helipad.”

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Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 18, 2017

POD: Marnie LaVigne

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Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 16, 2017

Food truck economy

Food trucks have hitched themselves to the rise of metropolitanism. More and more, people are deciding they want to live in the city. Millennials have flocked downtown at record numbers and food trucks have enjoyed the ride.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 11, 2017

Lynch Fluid Controls: The painting that never dries

“Owning a business is like making a painting that never dries.”

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Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 08, 2017

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