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POD: Adrian Dayton

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Greg Pokriki   |     Mar 15, 2018

Industrial real estate in Buffalo Niagara and the GTA

The temperatures outside are beginning to warm slightly, but the industrial real estate markets in both Buffalo Niagara and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) remain scorching hot.

Tight industrial markets with lowering availability and vacancy rates across the Golden Horseshoe make finding a suitable production facility an increasingly difficult task, a dynamic which is diametrically opposed to the market status of just fifteen years ago.

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Matthew Hubacher   |     Mar 12, 2018

Success story: Viatran finds value locally

Today, Kevin Cornacchio and crew are hard at work at the new Viatran facility in Tonawanda, New York.

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Greg Pokriki   |     Mar 12, 2018

POD: Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg

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Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 28, 2018

Risky business part 2: How a snowy Buffalo can benefit your business

Yesterday, our blog post discussed how safe Buffalo Niagara is from natural disasters and how that can benefit a business. We argued that the conversation should not be about weather, but instead be about the risk your business is put at in a natural disaster.

Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 23, 2018

Risky business: How Buffalo's safety from natural disasters benefits business

The first thing people associate Buffalo with is snow. To a certain extent, that’s fair. But when considering a business expansion, there’s more important and damaging elements that should be measured.

Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 22, 2018

Buffalo love notes

“There isn’t a place better than Buffalo to fall in love.” –Cupid, maybe

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Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 14, 2018

Becoming a Buffalonian

Starting off as the new Research Associate with Invest Buffalo Niagara, I thought I should drop in and introduce myself on this blog and see if marketing will ever ask me to write another post after this one.

Abdul Ibrahim   |     Feb 12, 2018

POD: Jennifer Beckage, on data security


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Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 12, 2018

From the Innovation Lecture Series

Yesterday, Invest Buffalo Niagara attended the Innovation Lecture Series hosted by the University at Buffalo (UB) Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences.

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Olivia Hill   |     Feb 09, 2018

On the CBRE|Buffalo MarketView reports

The CBRE|Buffalo team recently released its 2017 Buffalo MarketView reports to a lively crowd of real estate professionals, commercial real estate developers, economic developers, and municipal officials from across the region at Hotel Henry on the Richardson Olmsted Campus.

Matthew Hubacher   |     Feb 09, 2018

Your smart phone at the U.S. border

Our lives are extensively documented on phones, laptops, and on social media. Some of this information is very personal, and a lot of travelers may wish to keep this sensitive data private. However, each time you enter the United States, regardless of your status or documentation, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) determines your admissibility to the country, and part of this determination may include searching a traveler’s electronic devices. With these types of searches becoming increasingly common, it has never been more important for individuals to know and understand their rights at the border.

Guest Author   |     Feb 05, 2018

11 Canadian business expansion considerations

As Canadian companies consider U.S. expansion, the question quickly becomes where to start? Who can help understand the cross-border due diligence needed to get things set up?

Carolyn Powell   |     Jan 29, 2018

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