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Buffalo Niagara's Kindness in Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has temporarily changed so much in our lives. But one thing hasn’t changed: The people of Buffalo Niagara.

Greg Pokriki   |     Mar 27, 2020

Prepare, Don't Panic: COVID-19 Resources

In the face of these COVID-19 global challenges, our community has come together to do our best in flattening the curve and coming out on the other side just as friendly, kind, and communal as folks have always known us Buffalonians to be. Buffalo is The City of Good Neighbors, and it is in times like these when we earn that reputation.

Greg Pokriki   |     Mar 24, 2020

POD: Buffalo's Women in Agile

 Tags: Bell Ringer

Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 28, 2020

Buffalove is love

Kyle Mulcahy
Vice President – Sr. Process Analyst, Customer Delivery, M&T Bank ​

 Tags: Be in Buffalo

Greg Pokriki   |     Feb 25, 2020

Agile Workspace Inside the IBM Buffalo Innovation Center

For tech companies, there are Class A office sublease opportunities in the IBM Buffalo Innovation Center, located at 50 Fountain Plaza in the heart of downtown Buffalo. This is an ideal workspace situation for tech startups who want the opportunity to collaborate with IBM, a world leader in technology development.

Carolyn Powell   |     Feb 10, 2020

Garrett Leather growing in Buffalo

If you head to Washington DC and step into the White House’s Oval Office, you’ll likely see more Buffalo than you might expect.

Carolyn Powell   |     Jan 29, 2020

POD: Opportunity (Zone) in Amherst

 Tags: Bell Ringer

Greg Pokriki   |     Jan 22, 2020

Can-Am Business Expansion Through Acquisition

Frank Ralphs, a company out of Montreal, manufactures composite panels used predominantly in the rail industry as well as other industrial applications. Companies in the rail industry find that having a “Made in the U.S.A.” label can be beneficial to growing their business and sales in the U.S. There are many opportunities for U.S. government contracts for public transit projects. Frank Ralphs was interested in capturing more of this business and adding final assembly in the U.S. to their offerings.

Olivia Hill   |     Jan 08, 2020

What's your must-do winter activity in Buffalo Niagara?

Winter in Buffalo Niagara is a beautiful time. Our neighbors embrace the snow, and our staff certainly does as well. So, we decided to ask each of them: What is one of your must-do winter activities in Buffalo Niagara? Below is a compilation of their answers.

Greg Pokriki   |     Dec 23, 2019

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