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Food processing academic programs in Buffalo Niagara

One of Buffalo Niagara’s greatest assets, regardless of industry, is its academic institutions. The eight county region has 21 colleges and universities. Within 100 miles of downtown Buffalo, that number expands to 47.

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Carolyn Powell   |     Jul 09, 2018

3 numbers to make food processors want to know more

In Buffalo Niagara, we’re known for our food. National Geographic even named us the third best food city in the entire world. While the chicken wings and beef on weck are quite delicious, we are also well known for our strengths in the larger food processing industry. Here is a dive into some data points that we think make the business case for expansion quite compelling.

 Tags: food processing

Greg Pokriki   |     Nov 16, 2017

Food truck economy

Food trucks have hitched themselves to the rise of metropolitanism. More and more, people are deciding they want to live in the city. Millennials have flocked downtown at record numbers and food trucks have enjoyed the ride.

 Tags: food processing

Greg Pokriki   |     Aug 11, 2017

Buffalo on a bun

Grandpa preferred his hot dog boiled.

 Tags: food processing

Greg Pokriki   |     Jun 30, 2017

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