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Localizing Buffalo Niagara supply chains

In 2019, Buffalo Niagara’s manufacturing industry imported nearly $11 billion in goods from other regions across the U.S.  For plastics and adhesives, and electrical equipment suppliers Buffalo-Niagara looks outside our region for these products 80%+ of the time.  Locating in Buffalo Niagara to feed the local supply chain is a great option for businesses to capture this marketing share.

Rob Leteste   |     Mar 03, 2021

Making Innovation Work for Manufacturers

In my role as a business development manager for Invest Buffalo Niagara, I tour manufacturing facilities for a variety of different industries. During these tours, I always learn how regardless of the type of product produced, they are evaluating how can they make their product better, faster and more affordable.  Many of these companies are small and medium sized businesses that may not have the expertise, equipment or time in-house to evaluate their process and investigate new manufacturing techniques, or have access to high-level engineers.  Buffalo Niagara is fortunate to have a great resource available to assist and collaborate with these types of companies and explore the future of manufacturing. 

Carolyn Powell   |     Oct 04, 2016

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