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Buffalo Homecoming: Come Home Again

Nov 2, 2020 Posted by Greg Pokriki

Buffalo Homecoming is a three-day annual event in which Western New York expats will interact with local policy makers, entrepreneurs and organizers; attend seminars, discussions, tours and entertainment; and reconnect with their hometown and experience its renaissance.

The end goal of the campaign is to leverage these expats – each with expertise and a large network outside of the region in their chosen field – to better Buffalo Niagara through philanthropy, capital investments, meaningful connections, and more.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the ability for travel and in-person gatherings, the Buffalo Homecoming team is pivoting to a virtual world. The team busy organizing a series of virtual events that will occur Dec. 9, 10 and 11.

If you’re interested in more information on Buffalo Homecoming and these upcoming events, we encourage you to sign up to receive the organization’s newsletters, which you can do at the footer of this website.


As stated on the Buffalo Homecoming website: Those who have called Buffalo and Western New York home. From native-born Western New Yorkers to former students and professionals who have spent significant time in the region, these are individuals who have achieved success in their chosen fields, but still keep Buffalo and the region in their hearts. Expat attendees come from a variety of fields, including finance, technology, corporate leadership, sports, entrepreneurship and entertainment.

About the Author - Greg Pokriki is the Be in Buffalo & Public Relations Specialist at Invest Buffalo Niagara. Greg is passionate about watching baseball and building a better Buffalo for all.