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Create Your Future in Buffalo

Feb 18, 2021 Posted by Guest Author

The pandemic has impacted every facet of our lives – from the devastating health impacts to economic disruption. And the advertising and marketing industries have been no exception.

AAF Buffalo is a local chapter of the American Advertising Federation, the nation’s oldest and most recognized organization in the advertising industry. Our mission is to bridge the gap between passions, occupations, and experience levels to create a community that provides national industry involvement with a local focus.

Our advertising jobs board was not spared either from the impacts of the last year. For many months, and like many other job boards, it sat close to empty.

But, we’re scrappy Buffalo folk – bouncing back is what we do. Inherent in the world of advertising and marketing is the ability to quickly pivot at a moment’s notice…and do so with gusto. We always like a good plot twist, and we’re happy to report we’ve seen one.

Our jobs board on the AAF Buffalo website, which you can find here, is now bouncing back. Multiple opportunities, from multiple agencies and in-house teams are starting to pile up, ready to add to the creative community here in Western New York. With specializations ranging from media, accounts, design, project management, and content—jobs are opening up, and so is Buffalo. If you’re somewhere else across the country, perhaps an expat and looking to move back home and want to do so in advertising, this is the board to check out! We wish you luck in your search, hope you have a good Oxford comma answer for your interview, and are happy to help if need be!

Beyond the jobs board, our organization is constantly aiming to connect and educate marketing professionals and students. For now, we’ll continue to do that digitally (in between our quarantinis, WFH Zooms, and probably too much banana bread). And when we’re good to go again, we’ll see you in person at one of our favorite breweries or agency offices.

If you aren’t yet a member and are interested in what we’re all about, take a look at our membership plans and feel free to reach out to me at vp-comms@aafbuffalo.com. And whether you’re #agency4life or in-house bound, check out our job board, and let’s go [get a job] Buffalo.


McKenna Murray is AAF Buffalo's VP of Communication and a Marketing Project Manager at Barclay Damon, LLP. 

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