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NEW Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide

Jul 21, 2022 Posted by Greg Pokriki

We are proud to release the updated 2022 version of the Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide. The Relocation Guide serves as a single entry point for those considering the region - with information on housing, schools, restaurants, climate, transportation, and even a moving checklist. 

After the last decade-plus of resurgence, Buffalo has a compelling story to tell. It is the story of Courtney and Tye Caldwell, who relocated their startup ShearShare after winning the 43North competition and have since become major Buffalo advocates.

Of Tyler and Janie, who after graduating from Texas A&M University, chose to call Buffalo home because of the opportunity it offered for Tyler at ACV and Janie as a med student at UB.

Of Chef Darian Bryan who came to Buffalo by way of Jamaica and is now a highly renowned chef and local celebrity.

Of Natascha Thomas, who after hearing that her tech company Rural Sourcing had opened a new branch in Buffalo raised her hand and jumped at the opportunity to not only relocate to Buffalo, but lead the new office.

It’s a story of accessibility, opportunity, and affordability. It’s beautiful four-seasons, outdoor activities, professional sports teams, world-renowned arts and theatre, and the best food you’ll ever eat.

These are all stories told throughout the new Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide and across our Be in Buffalo platforms. And these are the stories we will continue to tell to change the narrative of Buffalo across the country and welcome more newcomers and expats back to our region. 

The Buffalo Niagara Relocation Guide is available digitally or you can follow this link to request your free copy that we will ship to your address (or the address of out-of-town friends and family you think should have the Guide...just sayin'). 

About the Author - Greg Pokriki is the Be in Buffalo & Public Relations Specialist at Invest Buffalo Niagara. Greg is passionate about watching baseball and building a better Buffalo for all.