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Moving to Buffalo: How to Impress Local Recruiters

Jun 15, 2022 Posted by Guest Author

Article by Holeen Jorge

The Covid-19 pandemic has heavily affected the working landscape. Upskilling has found new relevance in society, and this is reflected in the boom of online classes during the pandemic.

The correlation between online classes and the desire to gain credentials is to be expected. With global phenomena like the Great Resignation, the job search landscape has changed significantly. Human resources departments are strapped and under more pressure than ever to meet the new demands. Simultaneously, HR managers need to manage risks in hiring, including ill-suited applicants, insufficient onboarding, and much more. Some of these risks can fortunately be addressed through making use of the latest technology and trends in hiring practices.

It is these new trends in hiring that job seekers have to look out for. Unsure where to start? Here are some tips for impressing recruiters below
Participate in job fairs

Job fairs are gaining popularity in Buffalo for the exposure they bring to midsize and smaller companies. With virtual platforms, job fairs can even cater to those who have yet to officially relocate to Buffalo.

More technology and startup companies are utilizing 
job fairs as a strategy for recruitment. They're a good opportunity to speak with company representatives one-on-one. This enables your application to stand out, while you get to know more about the team and company culture.

Because of the competitive nature of job fairs, companies are also more likely to present their best offers regarding pay and work conditions to entice job seekers.

Upskill within in-demand fields like data analysis and UX

In today’s digital age, there's one industry that keeps growing: Technology. It's important to stay ahead of the game, and recruiters in Buffalo therefore recognize coding, data analysis, digital marketing, and user experience as the focus areas for job seekers.

By focusing on developing tech skills, Western New York Tech Skills Initiative expects that their 
skills training can provide 6,200 more jobs in the community.

Be yourself

A good application doesn't mean pretending to be someone you’re not — instead, it's about learning to adapt quickly. Recruiters are only trying to figure out whether you can handle the job, so honesty is appreciated. In fact, nearly 200 U.S. employers say that authenticity is the most important quality in a candidate.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your weaknesses. Failure is normal and allows recruiters to understand how you recover from setbacks. Likewise, don’t undersell your strengths. Provide a comprehensive picture of your capabilities — your skills, work experiences, certificates from online courses — and work from there.

Beyond Buffalo, the effect of Covid-19 on the economy can be felt throughout the globe. Job seekers can benefit from the tips above, and recruiters can check out our previous article on hiring during this new era of work for tips to match employees’ new preferences.

These are challenging times for both parties, but by staying updated on the trends, these challenges can be overcome.

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