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Carolyn Powell

For Canadian companies, and specifically those in southern Ontario, interested in the U.S. market, Buffalo Niagara is the natural front door. These companies can leverage the size of the U.S. market, Made in the U.S.A labels, and much more all from a U.S. location close to their Canadian headquarters.

However, the cross-border expansion process can seem overwhelming.

That’s where our organization, Invest Buffalo Niagara (InBN), comes in. We’ve helped over 100 Canadian companies expand to Buffalo Niagara. We guide projects through the process, ensuring they undertake the necessary due diligence, understand the proper steps, and are connected to the right cross border experts.

Below is a roundup of the Canadian companies we helped expand to Buffalo Niagara in 2019.

Frank Ralphs:

Jobs: 56

Investment: $2,100,000

Frank Ralphs is a Canadian company that manufactures composite panels used in industrial applications in Montreal. The company was connected to InBN by a partner organization after identifying an acquisition opportunity of a competitor located in the Buffalo Niagara region. InBN facilitated cross-border due diligence meetings and assisted the company with their application for the Excelsior Jobs Program. The company ultimately decided to take the strategic opportunity to acquire the WNY company, invest capital, and add positions to the existing personnel.  


Jobs: 15

Investment: $1,035,000

FroggaBio, a leading distributor of biotechnology products in Toronto, connected with InBN in 2018 with interest in pursuing a permanent location in the U.S. InBN was able to assist the company in expanding to a location in the Town of Wheatfield through coordinating cross-border due diligence meetings, conducting a real estate search and coordinating site tours. The company is leasing 2,000 sq. ft. and plans to hire 15 new employees.


Jobs: 5

Investment: $560,000

BTNX manufactures and distributes medical diagnostics tests and is headquartered in Markham, Ontario. BTNX reached out to InBN when they began to outgrow their existing warehouse space located in Buffalo Niagara. InBN coordinated site tours for lease space and assisted the company in establishing legal partnerships in the area to aid with lease negotiations. BTNX selected a 19,000 sq. ft. warehouse with room to grow into over the coming years.

Prompt Logistics:

Jobs: 34

Investment: $1,130,000

Prompt Logistics, a Canadian-based freight logistics company, was looking to establish a warehouse in the Buffalo Niagara region. In addition to providing Prompt Logistics with real estate site options, InBN facilitated meetings regarding workforce, recruitment, HR services, and available incentives. They will be providing third party warehouse options and brokerage services at their new 35,000 sq. ft. facility.


Jobs: 19

Investment: $980,000

GoGo Pak, a family-owned company based in Oakville, Ontario, designs retail packaging and promotional products. The company was looking to the US for expansion due to the high employee and power costs in Canada and their high percentage of US sales and raw materials. InBN facilitated and hosted a full day of meetings with cross border experts for the company to help them understand the expansion process, tax strategies in the U.S., the proper form of incorporation, and immigration options for working in the U.S. After assisting the company with a site search, they leased over 6,800 sq. ft. of space in Buffalo Niagara for warehouse and production operations.

NATSCO Transportation:

Jobs: 6

Investment: $500,000

Milton, Ontario based NATSCO was searching for warehouse/distribution space in Buffalo Niagara to accommodate their U.S. customers. InBN connected the company to insurance carriers to help on both sides of the border, assisted with site selection, and introduced them to local staffing resources. NATSCO ended up signing a lease in August for 15,000 sq. ft. and has already begun hiring staff.

Xxtreme Rail Service

Jobs: 20

Investment: $100,000

Xxtreme Rail Service, based in Fort Erie, Ontario, installs new rail lines and repairs existing ones. The company was interested in the size of the U.S. market and ability to capture government contracts. Today, the company leases nearly 2,000 sq. ft. with outdoor storage and trucking space in Buffalo Niagara thanks to site selection help from the InBN team. They have also engaged local legal experts to complete their U.S. incorporation and work permits. They have established local bank accounts for their contract transactions and to start building U.S. banking history.

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