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Guest Author

Words by John H. Bradley

Fostering a positive culture in any workplace can be a challenging task for many employers, but can be particularly challenging in the warehouse or manufacturing industry where there are non-traditional working hours, mandatory overtime, and physically demanding workloads. Here are a few tips some of our Alcott HR clients have implemented to keep their workforce engaged:

  1. Employee Recognition
    • Whether it’s a company BBQ, movie tickets for star performers, or a token of appreciation individually distributed by upper management, a little recognition goes a long way. Be sure to keep it fun, fresh, and targeted to your workforce.
  2. Professional Development Opportunities
    • Implementing cross training or job rotation can positively impact your bottom line as well as keep employees engaged as they learn. Additionally, it is always great to promote from within the organization. Not only will your promoted employees be a perfect cultural fit, but it will also inspire their fellow co-workers.
  3. Giving Back
    • The current workforce is showing a desire to work at socially responsible companies.  Show your dedication as a positive community influence by participating in local fundraising and philanthropic events.
  4. Support Wellness
    • Show your employees you care about their well-being both on and off the clock. This can be accomplished by promoting wellness initiatives such as on-site flu shots, friendly fitness competitions, or even having a quiet room on your company property.
  5. Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!
    • Annual reviews are no longer enough feedback for the modern workforce. Set up monthly or quarterly touch-base meetings with your employees to provide ongoing feedback and goals that can easily develop over time to continue meeting individual and company needs. 

For more detailed information, please contact John H. Bradley – Vice President of Sales of Alcott HR at 716-626-9500 or johnb@alcotthr.com

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