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To attract top talent, an employer must be able to provide the job seeker with compelling reasons to join your organization and be creative in ways to attract to candidates.

Why is this so important?

  • Top talent is employed and rarely actively looking
  • Compensation is not the top factor as these individuals are going to be paid regardless
  • Most job descriptions are rather vanilla - BS degree, 5 years’ experience, excellent communication skills – this is not enticing
  • Attracting these individuals is a sales job. You need to sell them that your company has more upside than their current employer

Examples of Creative Ways to Attract Talent:

  • First, employers must sell their position, do not rely on the typical job posting for reasons listed above.
  • Be visible where passive job candidates are
    • Social Media
    • Trade Associations/Networking groups
    • Charitable Events
    • Sport Leagues (kids and adults)
    • Church
    • Create an opt-in newsletter and/or utilize YouTube to showcase why you’re an employer of choice

Examples of Compelling Reasons:

  • Disruption.  You have a product or service that is revolutionizing how something is done. 
  • Purpose:  Why does your company exist, what is the value to its employees and customers?
  • Culture:  Depending on the generation you are seeking to hire, culture plays a large part in selling the candidate.   Below are key items to address:
    • Flexibility:  What is your policy?  How do you address work/life balance?
    • Social/Environmental Accountability:  For Millennials in particular, these is very important.
    • Professional Development:  Share your training and development philosophy for employees. 
    • Environment:  Do you have areas for lunch, exercise, rest, entertainment, sports?
  • Company Growth:  Won a new contract, acquired a company, in an expanding industry
  • Career Advancement:  Show a defined career path. Discuss succession planning.  Be cautious of having advancement being an advanced job title, rather focus on duties and responsibilities
  • Voice:  Many job-seekers seek new positions as they feel their voice/opinions are not being heard by their current employer.  Share how this is possible at your company.

For more information on this topic please contact Christopher Beckage at Acara Solutions, an Aleron Company.

www.acarasolutions.com | 1.800.568.8310 | BeckageC@acarasolutions.com

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