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Jenna Kavanaugh

Nutrablend Foods, Amdor, Welded Tube, Outfront Portable Solutions, Fichman FurnitureSince 1999, Invest Buffalo Niagara (formerly Buffalo Niagara Enterprise) has worked to attract more than $4.4 billion in new business investment to the region. With 81 Canadian-based expansion projects during that time, significant investment has come from north of the border. There are many reasons for a Canadian company to expand into the US such as “Made in US” requirements, reaching a market 10 times the size of Canadian market, growing US sales, bridge delays, and raw materials coming from the US.

It just makes sense for Canadian business to consider the Buffalo Niagara region for their US operations. It’s proven that they can thrive here.  We have the right resources to help them succeed and being in close proximity to their headquarters is a significant benefit. Here are a few updates on companies that we helped navigate the economic development landscape in Buffalo Niagara to build their business:

Nutrablend Foods –  today with more than 150 employees working three shifts, and growing

Headquartered in Cambridge, ON, Nutrablend Foods is a leading manufacturer in the sports nutrition and nutraceutical industries.  They opened their first US manufacturing facility in Lancaster, NY in October 2009.  The company pledged to create 40 new jobs in the first five years and invest $1M in the building and equipment.  In 2014, the company was running two shifts daily and employed 134 people.  Today they have 150+ employees operating on three shifts and are looking to expand their presence in Buffalo Niagara.

Welded Tube – today with 70 employees operating two shifts

Welded Tube of Canada is headquartered in Concord, ON and in October 2012 they announced their newest US location to be built and located in Lackawanna NY.  Welded Tube USA is a leading manufacturer of cold formed tubing products.  In 2012 the company pledged to create 121 new jobs and invest $48,250,000 into this new facility.  Today, the company remains strong as the oil and gas industry and prices fluctuate.  Currently they have 70 employees and are operating two shifts.

Fichman Furniture – adding new equipment and expanding sales

Fichman Furniture manufactures custom made wooden radiator covers.  The business started in Scarborough, ON and in June 2012 they purchased their first US industrial building on Main St, in Holland NY.  With the new building the company pledged to create 15 new jobs over 5 years and invest $3M into the new facility.  Today the company has 6 employees, has invested another $225k in new equipment and installation and now has sales over $1.25M.

Amdor – expanding their facility, in order to expand their business

Amdor, a division of Whiting Group, specializes in the design and manufacturing of roll-up shutter style doors for emergency and other specialty vehicles.  In July 2014 the company purchased a 21k sq. ft. building on 8 acres in Lancaster, NY.  They have invested more than $5 million in this location to complete a 10k sq. ft. expansion and install specialized equipment.  Today the company has 9 employees working onsite but expect to grow to 28 employees over the next 5 years.

Outfront Portable Solutions – adding new employees and new niche markets

Headquartered in Beamsville, ON, Outfront Portable Solutions, investigated US business expanding during 2010.  They provide retail display solutions to garden centers, grocery chains and mass merchandise stores across North America.  In 2012, the company purchased an existing Buffalo-based business which included a 50k sq. ft. metal fabrication facility and 8 employees.  Today, Outfront Custom Built is their US company and has grown to 37 employees in Buffalo.  The new operations manufacture custom build food trucks, salad bars and food buffets, and are a tier 3 auto supplier.

Avanti Advance Manufacturing – seeking 2nd facility to accommodate growth

Victory Manufacturing is an injection molding company based in Waterloo, Ontario.  The company's first US operation, Avanti Advanced, opened at 201 Dutton Ave in Buffalo in December 2011.  The company specializes in customized injection molding projects with the capability to go from concept to prototype to end product with significant speed.  In 2011, the company pledged to create 15 new jobs over 5 years and invest $400k in their new facility.  By 2014, the company employed 6 people and was looking to add 3 more.  Today the company has purchased and installed additional equipment based on new contracts and customers and is investigating a larger manufacturing building to accommodate their expanding business.

For more information on this topic and business expansion, contact Invest Buffalo Niagara.  Carolyn Powell – 716-842-1357 x104 – cpowell@buffaloniagara.org.  

Learn more about expanding your Canadian business in the Buffalo Niagara region. 

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