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Exploring Erie County

Economic Development Week was created, among other reasons, to increase the awareness of projects improving the quality of life in regions across the world.

Greg Pokriki   |     May 09, 2018

POD: Mayor Byron Brown

City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown graciously gave his time to discuss economic development accomplishments in Buffalo during International Economic Development Week. 

Greg Pokriki   |     May 09, 2018

Treat yourself in Niagara County

While he was preparing his body to portray Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. requested one. The Biggest Loser, NBC’s hit weight loss television show, had about 10 of them, too.

Greg Pokriki   |     May 08, 2018

Cheers to Cattaraugus County

Cattaraugus County is a Buffalo Niagara destination, with winter skiing and summer festivals filling up the calendar. Ellicottville remains the staple, an inviting village with a walkable Main Street and retail that will empty your pockets.

Greg Pokriki   |     May 08, 2018

Who's on first in Chautauqua County?

Costello: All I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on first base?

Greg Pokriki   |     May 07, 2018

Family business in Wyoming County

“When I was 12-years-old, I was asked by my grandfather what I wanted to be when I grew up,” said Jeff Aronson. “I said ‘What my dad does!’ And I had no clue what he did, but I started learning quick after they put a grinder in your hand and have you welding.”

Greg Pokriki   |     May 06, 2018

Merchants Insurance turns 100 in the City of Good Neighbors

When we visited Merchants Insurance to interview Robert Zak, president & CEO of the Buffalo-based insurance provider, we found a table in large, recently renovated room. It was open and collaborative, with artifacts from the company’s history on display. Lining the outside of the room’s floor was a newly installed walking track for employees to get their steps in. The company understands that health and wellness is important to employees and encourages the self-care. It’s just one of the many ways Merchants Insurance takes care of its employees.

Greg Pokriki   |     Apr 30, 2018

Buffalo I-Day gets an A+

Yesterday, some of our team members attended Buffalo I-Day, an annual insurance conference at the Buffalo Convention Center. 

Lorrie Abounader   |     Apr 13, 2018

Where are they now? Canadian business expansions

Invest Buffalo Niagara has attracted more than $6.2 billion in new business investment to the Buffalo Niagara region since 1999.  Canadian companies looking to expand their businesses into the U.S. have been a big part of this growth. They choose to expand for many business benefits including Made in U.S. sales, mitigating bridge delays, and reducing their hydropower costs.  Nearly 90 Canadian based businesses have benefited from our free services, saving time and money by leveraging our expertise.  

Carolyn Powell   |     Apr 09, 2018

3 things learned at Consultants Connect in Dallas

When it comes to large economic development projects, every community in the nation pictures itself as Santiago, the experienced fisherman in Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea, ready to land the “big fish” project in their backyard. 

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Matthew Hubacher   |     Mar 19, 2018

POD: Adrian Dayton

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Greg Pokriki   |     Mar 15, 2018

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