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Greg Pokriki

Buffalo, New York was highlighted as a Tech Zone by Innovation & Tech Today, a publication within the technology space that highlights ascending regions ready to capture further opportunities of growth. The article is titled, The Buffalo Boom and written by Aron Vaughan. Previous cities and states highlighted include Boulder, Colorado, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Tech havens like the one cultivated in Buffalo, New York, are providing a model other cities can emulate in order to keep up with the existential demand for talent within the tech industry,” wrote Vaughan in the piece.
Buffalo was chosen because of its geographic advantages, established tech corporations and up-and-coming startups, pipeline of tech talent from local higher educational institutions and workforce development programs, and industry support organizations.

Buffalo is within a 10-hour drive of 60% of the binational population and less than a 2 hour drive to Toronto. There are 21 colleges and universities within the eight counties of Western New York, graduating over 25,000 students annually. Companies like M&T Tech and ACV Auctions have thousands of employees in their respective headquarters, and organizations like LaunchNY, 43North, and Endeavor WNY, among others, are cultivating the next wave of graduating startups.

Individuals and organizations highlighted throughout the story include:

  • Sarah Tanbakuchi, TechBuffalo
  • Sonny Sonnenstein, M&T Tech
  • Nicholas Kosinski, Odoo
  • Colleen Heidinger, 43North

Enjoy an excerpt of the article below and make sure to read (and share) the entire piece here.

The Buffalo Boom
Passionate Companies and Non-Profits are Turning Western New York into a Tech Haven.

"Buffalo’s geographic position also means companies in the region have access to talent from Toronto, another major tech hub, and New York City. The proximity to these major tech hubs, paired with the opportunities native Buffalo residents are afforded, puts Buffalo tech companies in an ideal position to retain homegrown talent while reinforcing their teams with professionals from nearby, tech-driven communities."

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