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Carolyn Powell

I have been working in the Canadian market for over 15 years. Many of the companies that I work with are manufacturers or warehouse distribution operations in the Southern Ontario area. They tend to be small to medium size companies that have some percentage of U.S. sales and are purchasing U.S. based raw materials.

Though each has their own needs and plans for their expansion, they all see the U.S. as an opportunity. Here are just a few of the reasons why expansion into the U.S. is critical to business growth:

  1. Gain access to a market 10 times larger than the Canadian market they call home
    Opportunity awaits.

  2. Having a Made In U.S. label on their product
    People love buying American!

  3. Seen as a U.S. based company to drive sales growth
    Branding on the red, white, and blue.

  4. Reduce bridge issues, costs, and delays
    We've all picked the wrong lane before...

  5. Reduce shipping costs of raw materials or delivery of product to their customer base
    Buffalo Niagara is also within 40% of the North American population.

  6. Reduce the risk of U.S. based lawsuits to the parent company in Canada
    Common-sense cover.

  7. Bidding on government and military contracts
    Which can be quite lucrative.

Each company expands their business in slightly different ways.  Some setup a U.S. Address to add to their website, business cards, and brochures, while others set up a new facility in the Buffalo Niagara region. Buffalo Niagara is an ideal location due to our close proximity for managing the facility, similar workforce, lower real estate costs and property taxes, lower electric power costs, and access to cross-border experts. 

Check out our list of Canadian companies that have expanded their business into Buffalo Niagara and are now part of our business community: CANADIAN WINS!

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