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Greg Pokriki

 Tags: Buffalove

The past week in our office has been quite heated. Below you’ll find out why.

The Invest Buffalo Niagara team entered into the great debate: Who has the best wings in Buffalo? For fun, we also included our preference of wing—drumstick or flat. Enjoy!

Carolyn Powell – Business Development Manager

Santora’s—drumstick (Medium and crispy, if you’re taking orders 😉)!

Lorrie Abounader – Business Development Manager

Duff’s, particularly the one on Sheridan and Millersport.  And drumsticks…better for dunking in blue cheese. 

Greg Pokriki – Content and Digital Marketing Associate

At Bar Bill Tavern, they quite literally paint the sauce on with a brush’s stroke. Doesn’t get better. And drumstick, obviously.

Tom Kucharski – President & CEO

Gabriel’s Gate for some drumsticks.

Matthew Hubacher – Research Manager

My favorite place for wings* is Gabriel’s Gate in Allentown and I have no preference drumstick over flat.**

*(Pro Tip #1 – They’re “wings”)

** (Pro Tip #2 – Wings are a “one-hand” food in almost every situation)

Olivia Hill – Business Development Specialist

Duffs, Medium Hot, lots of bleu cheese, drumsticks.  Will only eat wings with people who prefer flats.  I am not willing to share. 

Casi Hall – Graphic Designer

Can't say I've tried them all, but Bar Bill Tavern has got to be the best. Crispy, meaty and great sauces. I'm a big drumstick fan. 

Alan Rosenhoch – Director of Business Development

Nine-Eleven Tavern for some drumsticks!

Jenna Kavanaugh – COO

There are so many great places it’s difficult to choose… Mammoser’s in Hamburg or Byrd House in Orchard Park (they have lots of good flavors) both have excellent wings. Flat or drumstick? I don’t care as long as they are crispy!

Alexandra Williams – Executive Assistant/Investor Relations

LaNova for some flats.

Sarah Larson – Marketing Manager

Carbone's Pizzeria in Alden, NY for take-out crispy, medium, saucy wings. Kodiak Jack's in Marilla, NY for dine-in order each of char grilled BBQ, garlic parmesan, Jamaican jerk, teriyaki.

Flats! Luckily my husband prefers drumsticks.

Anthony Ciccarelli – Research Associate

Sal’s Lounge, all flats. THE best wings in Buffalo.

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