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Alan Rosenhoch

Buffalo Niagara’s technology industry is growing rapidly. One of the biggest reasons for its success and growth is the amount of engineering talent coming out of our colleges and universities.

Below is a snapshot of our engineering landscape, by the numbers.


Over 3,800 engineering and engineering technology students graduate from Western New York higher education institutions each year.




Believe it or not, 30% of ceramic engineers in the entire U.S. are graduates of Alfred University.

30 percent.

That’s nearly one third of all ceramic engineers in our country coming through the educational system in Western New York.

Alfred University is known as a leader in ceramics, with incredible technology and resources dedicated to the industry.


Median salaries for electrical engineers in Buffalo Niagara cost a company 33% less than those employed in San Francisco. That means significant savings on a company’s bottom line helping to further grow a company.

Median salary for an electrical engineer in Buffalo Niagara is $77,771. In Boston, that number jumps significantly to $113,588.

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When RED-INC, a research, engineering, and design firm for the defense industry, chose Buffalo Niagara for its business expansion, the company pledged to retain and create a total of 51 jobs.

The talent Western New York is able to graduate each year was a main deciding factor in RED-INC’s search for a permanent and growing office.

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