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Carolyn Powell

During my time at Invest Buffalo Niagara, I’ve helped over 90 Canadian companies expand into Buffalo Niagara. The process includes unique challenges and motivations. One of those motivations for business owners to expand is the ease of access Buffalo Niagara provides to Canada and southern Ontario. Here’s the pitch, by the numbers.


That’s $75 billion—the value of Canadian-American traded goods facilitated through Buffalo Niagara.

Larkin Express Logistics, a recent Invest Buffalo Niagara success story, cited our region’s geography and Canadian access as one of the many reasons it chose Buffalo for its brand-new freight brokerage company. That, coupled with the region’s work ethic, made a compelling business case. Larkin Express Logistics President Don De Laria spoke about the project on our podcast, Bell Ringer.

“If you’re going to be in the freight brokerage business, this is a great place to be an ambassador for Canadian freight,” De Laria said.


Buffalo Niagara has seven different ports of entry into Canada through which that freight travels. Pedestrians also enjoy convenient access. You can even walk from one country to the other!


There is even one dedicated bridge to NEXUS users, the Whirlpool Bridge. This allows for even faster and more convenient border crossing. If your Canadian parent company decides to place its expansion in Buffalo Niagara, you’ll have a very easy time commuting between both locations while you’re setting up shop.


NEXUS cards only cost $50 U.S./$50 CAN and they’re good for five years. NEXUS users have dedicated lanes, and a dedicated bridge, as well as minimal questioning and expedited airport screenings. 


Typically, you can be in the U.S. for 183 days a year before you run into personal taxation requirements. The purpose of your visit strongly impacts the issues at the border and immigration status. Rosanna Berardi, partner at Berardi Immigration Law, visited our podcast, Bell Ringer, to discuss Canadian-American immigration and border issues more thoroughly.

These numbers are a start. We leverage our many partners and resources throughout the community with cross-border expertise to provide this information. Continue the conversation in our Canadian Guide to U.S. Business Expansion. The Guide is a 52-page compilation of legal, immigration, accounting and tax, human resources, and real estate expertise.

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