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Alan Rosenhoch

For several reasons—from rising wages in emerging countries, to a growing appetite for US-made goods, to recognition of the abundant resources in our own backyard—the manufacturing industry is poised for revival, and helped along by investments from the private and public sectors. Areas like Western New York have abundant resources and tools to get in on this promising momentum as well.

Through our deep engagement in the place we call home, as well as strong partnerships with businesses who’ve made the manufacturing move here, we’ve identified several quick insights into what makes Buffalo Niagara the perfect fit for a revival in productivity.

0% tax rate for manufacturing

New York State’s corporate income tax for manufacturers was recently lowered to 0%. That’s right, zero. Add in some highly competitive incentives and other programs, New York State has become an easy-on-taxes destination for high tech manufacturing. 

Power; cheap and plentiful

Clean, low-cost hydropower from the Niagara Power Project offers some of the lowest industrial power rates in the US. Couple that with a highly robust and reliable electric infrastructure, a winning combination.

Willing workforce

Approximately 11% of the Western New York workforce is employed in the manufacturing sector (2.4% higher than the national average)[1], meaning we have a wealth of trained, motivated employees with background in engineering, science, construction and more. And our public sector has made training the next generation of manufacturing workers a major priority, ensuring a strong talent pipeline for the future.

2-country convenience

Buffalo Niagara’s cross-border community encompasses seven international ports, two of the largest foreign trade zones in the US, advanced transportation infrastructure, and easy access to both the Canadian and US markets.

Ready real estate market

With over three million square feet of existing industrial space available, at an average square foot rate far below the US average[2], most companies will find existing options that meet their needs. For those with more specialized real estate needs, our area is home to several shovel-ready sites that are zoned and pre-permitted for manufacturing, helping companies move dirt with striking speed.

This is the time to get on board for the manufacturing moment…and we’re looking forward to seeing how it benefits our area, our investors, and our newcomers alike. 

[1] Source: Buffalo Niagara Labor Market Assessment 2017

[2] Source: CoStar Property, Q1 2016

Have questions or want to have a further conversation about our point of view on manufacturing’s role in the new Buffalo Niagara? Please feel free to get in touch.

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